Torta al testo: the authentic taste of Umbrian cuisine

Close-up frontal shot of the hands of a lady holding the stretched out dough of torta al testo on the side edges. The dough rests on a wooden cutting board and has the typical shape of torta al testo, round and flattened.

Torta al testo is certainly one of the typical dishes of the Umbria region, renowned for its simplicity and unique flavour. Known as the crescia of Gubbio or ciaccia in the area of Città di Castello. It is a dish that has been handed down from generation to generation and it is still highly appreciated today by both locals and tourists.

The recipe of torta al testo, easy and quick to prepare

Torta al testo has ancient origins and was born as a non-leavened alternative to bread. The recipe of this dish is very quick and easy, requiring only a few ingredients: 500 g of flour, about 250 ml of sparkling water, a teaspoon of salt and 15 g of bicarbonate of soda. Some variations of the dough also include the addition of about 25 ml of extra virgin olive oil. The well-mixed dough reaches a homogeneous consistency, and it is flattened to a round, flat shape of about 2-3 centimetres high. The dough is cooked in a special griddle called testo, from which this dish takes its name. The testo, usually made of cast iron, guarantees a perfect uniform cooking of the dough, keeping it soft. Testo derives from the Latin testum, a word referring to the brick tile used in ancient Rome to bake focaccia (a flat leavened bread).

One of the most representative dishes of regional cuisine

Torta al testo can be stuffed with cheese, cold cuts, vegetables or other ingredients as desired. In Umbria, it is very common to stuff it with cooked spinach and barbecued sausages, but also with local products, such as truffle or pecorino cheese. It is a dish suitable for all occasions, from lunch to dinner, and can be tasted either as a main course or as an appetiser. It is good on its own but can also be accompanied by a salad or another dish to taste. It is a dish that combines tradition and satisfies everybody’s taste.

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