About us


Starting with a conversation among friends in Summer 2019 before the wonderful show of the Dolomiti mountains, then carried on in Perugia while encircled by all of the town's beauty and history, the idea of a new beginning was launched: Genesi (Genesis). Namely, to have a different outlook on the historical, artistic, and cultural heritage of a land so extraordinary as Umbria is, and make it available to as many people as possible.

The project

The Genesi project was further shaped during the quarantine months in 2020; a hard crisis period that had, among other things, catastrophic consequences in the fields of culture and creativity. Months that destroyed many old certainties, and forced us to ask ourselves a question about the future: Has hope still a place?

The genesis of Genesi

Genesi was started in July 2020 by a team of professionals in the fields of tourism and culture, fond of the art and beauty of Umbria. The project also got the support of the Catholic Diocese of Perugia and Città della Pieve. Genesi means to become a sign of hope in a better time – a time to be devoted to beauty, art, and culture.


Genesi is an Ltd. company, whose mission is to give value to the cultural goods that exist in Perugia and in whole Umbria. They manage/promote cultural goods, museum planning, tourism, traditional high-quality craftsmanship and food, as well as MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions).

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