Perugino’s itineraries

SecretUmbria offers a selection of thematic tours that will let you explore the Perugino-related territories by combining art, food & wine, and local folklore. Different options are available, with tours that may last either one day or more, all anyway enriched with narratives, workshops and further activities, so as to make you discover many places in Umbria.


You may be visiting Perugia, where such works as The Adoration of the Magi and The Marriage of the Virgin can be admired in the National Gallery of Umbria; Città della Pieve, in whose cathedral a panel depicts The Baptism of Christ; Lake Trasimeno, which appears in the background of a number of Perugino’s frescoes and altarpieces, as well as many other towns where part of his art heritage has been preserved.

All tour experiences will be enriched with encounters with the local communities and with people who so passionately work in these areas, therefore giving your visits an additional value.

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